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Apply for N100,000 Dayo Adetiloye Birthday Grant for MSMEs Between 18-30 Years Old.

Apply for N100,000 Dayo Adetiloye Birthday Grant for MSMEs Between 18-30 Years Old.

I am opening for my birthday a grant programme of N100,000 for young people of 18-30 years that want to start or needed a particular resource for their business and N100,000 will be of great impact. The no of people we pick will be dependent on the sales of this promo. So, as you buy something, you are helping some in our community here to start or scale their business to reduce unemployment in the Country.


  1. Here is how to apply: Tell us in 500 words how N100,000 can help you start or expand your small-scale business. Send your entry to Put your write up in Microsoft word and attached your means of identification that has your date of birth. Also you can attach any supporting documents that will help your application. Deadline is 10th of May.


  1. This grant is only limited to our email subscribers between ages of 18 to 30 years. Only winners will be contacted and the names will be published via this email too.


  1. If God has blessed you and you will want to support this grant programme with your cash , call or whatsapp me on 0806077929 and you will greatly be recognised and God will continue to bless you more. Here is the link to Donate:

Donate to support Dayo Adetiloye Birthday Grant For young MSMEs

  1. Winners will be announced on 30th of May and they will receive their resource support by 19th  of June  2021.


  1. Note: Cash will not be given, but equipment, materials, tools, machines that N100,000 can buy will be given to you based on your proposed N100,000 Budget.


 For any enquiries, Call or WhatsApp me on 08060779290





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